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The Chicken with the Deadly Blow in the Cockfighting Bet

The Chicken with the Deadly Blow in the Cockfighting Bet – One of the things that can help fighting cocks to win, you as a player need to understand the characteristics of the chickens with the best strokes.

Bangkok chicken is indeed one of the fighting chickens that can be relied on in the arena of action. The characteristics of the bangkok chicken that the botoh want of course have a deadly hitting technique. Because in addition to the ability to survive, the ability to hit is also a capital that must be owned by the fighting cock in order to come out as a winner. This article will discuss the characteristics of the deadly fighting cock that many botoh want.

The proportional body posture possessed by daftar sv388 fighting cocks is something that is really needed by fighting cocks who want to have a deadly blow. The body that is proportional to the capital of the fighting cock creates a strong, steady and directed blow. Posture that plays an important role in the capital to have a lethal blow is body shape, body position, bone size and shape, neck shape, leg shape, and claw shape.

The Chicken with the Deadly Blow in the Cockfighting Bet

Body shape

The round and somewhat long body shape is the hallmark of a cock fighting a deadly blow because with such a body shape it can accommodate a greater amount of muscle. The strong muscles in the fighting cock can also be characterized by the texture of the meat that is like rubber, it can even be confirmed that the fighting cock’s muscles are strong by touching and pulling the thigh muscles.

Body Position

Fighting cocks that have a 90-degree body position so that their back is slightly straight generally have more opportunities to attack the opposing cock. With such an angled position can create a deadly blow.

Bone Size and Shape

Bones are the most important part to help create a deadly blow to the fighting cock. Deadly fighting cocks usually always have large, round bones. To see the deadly blow that the fighting cock has, it can be seen from the bones in his legs.

Neck Shape

Deadly fighting cocks have a large and tight neck.

Leg Shape

If the chicken leg is lifted and elbow-shaped, it is ensured that the fighting cock has a deadly blow because with the shape of the leg it can make a hard hit when hitting the opponent’s chicken.